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My dog can’t jump in the car anymore!!!!Ahhh!!!

These pills helped my dog be spry again. I probably should have given this to Scooby before he slowed down at 14. Even waiting for his hips to slow him down with old age, it worked. If it has helped your dog, please, share your story!

ON SALE!!!!! 40% OFF IF you click on the picture it will take you to Amazon where you can save 40% on this. The sales do not always last long. A little fact about me, I love buying things on sale. I might have to share some more crazy deals.

Nutramax Dasuquin with MSM for Large Dogs – 150 Tablets

Here is another review:

A Miracle For My Newfoundland!, June 18, 2009

Our 9 year old Newfoundland started having difficulty going up and down the stairs and would limp around after getting up from lying down on the floor. We took him to our vet and he prescribed Tramadol for his pain and gave us MSM powder to add to his food once a day. He did have some minimal improvement but it just wasn’t what he deserved. I spoke with some friends of ours who have an older Newf also and found out that they had been dealing with the same problems with their dog’s mobility. They shared some of this product that they had gotten from their vet with us to try. After only 3 days, our Newf was running around like he did when he was two years old! He no longer grunts or whines when he lays down or stands up and he races up and down the stairs. I have cut back on his Tramadol from 125mg per day to just 50 mg per day and I’m beginning to believe that we can probably stop it all together without any problem. I purchased the product through Amazon because my vet said that he didn’t have the product for his patients because it was expensive compared to the MSM powder and that the product essentially did the same thing as MSM powder for a lot less money. I beg to differ, but I have seen such a remarkable difference with my dog’s ability to get around that I’ll pay the $[…] extra bucks a month! My dog’s happiness is worth 1,000 times that!

Teaching your dog to “Come” –

1. This was difficult with our abused Malamute that we rescued from the shelter at three years old.  I had to put him on the leash so every time I said “Come Here Dakota”, he would actually come.  Once I reeled him in I would give him lots of pets and praise.  For me come means you come all the way where I can touch you.  This makes things easier if problems are up ahead.

2. My puppies I trained with treats.   I make sure they lean against me legs before giving them a treat.  I like Zuke’s Mini Naturals

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Time For Your Pills – I Mean Treat – Come Here puppy!

1.  My Favorite is whipped cream cheese.  It makes a yummy ball without the mess of peanut butter.

2. Beef Pill Pockets.  I use these when the dog sitter is taking care of the dogs.  This is also one of my dog’s favorite treats.

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My puppy is teething and chewing. My favorite trick is to freeze the bones and treats. The cold relieves and numbs the gums. Another bonus is saving money. I have three dogs so the longer the treat lasts the less they need.

My dogs favorite are Bully Sticks (AKA Steer Pizzles)

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Down Boy Down – How to stop Jumping – Shared by Deborah DeLong

When my gentle giant Golden Retriever would jump on visitors, I would tell them to grab his paws and “dance with the stars!” He hated that!! No more jumping!!

Deborah DeLong –

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