My Three Top Dogs Toys

My Favorites – Links to buy them cheap online at Amazon

Smarter Toys IQ Treat Ball Dog Toy

Product Features

Size: 5-Inch
  • Fun pet ball keeps your dog mentally and physically stimulated
  • Fill with favorite treats for your pet to recover
  • Ideal for medium or large dogs
  • Adjust difficulty level as your dog learns
  • 5 inches in diameter
  • Adjust level as dog learns
  • Fill with your dog’s favorite treats
  • Rolls on the floor and treats spill out
  • provides mental and physical stimulation

Click Here and You Will Save $6.95 (46%)

Kyjen Hide-A-Squirrel Puzzle Toy for Dogs

Product Features

Size: Large
  • Fun plush pet toy keeps you dog occupied for hours
  • 3 squeaker squirrels hidden inside plush tree trunk
  • Great fun for all ages and breed

Click Here to Save $7.59 (42%) on Amazon

Chuckit! Pocket Ball Launcher

I have a Golden – I have to play ball – Boy can I throw far.  Even my five old uses it to see Scooby run!

Click Here to Save $3.08 (31%)


4 thoughts on “My Three Top Dogs Toys”

  1. These are great choices! I’ve never tried the ChuckIt, but my puppy loves the Hide a Squirrel and her treat ball. I fully agree with you.

  2. My dog destroys all toys within 20 minutes of returning from the toy store. Can you suggest and sturdy durable toys that would be worth the investment?

  3. Love the videos. I will have to try the treat ball as my dog will not have anything to do with balls. My daugther’s dog who lives with me now will only chase one particular ball and it is lost. They both love stuffed animals and it is time for new ones. Thanks for sharing these ideas.

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